Developer. Linguist. Nice fellow.

I am a dev and a languages enthusiast. I speak English, Russian, German, Czech and Swedish - and I am on and off learning French, Persian, Polish, Danish, Norwegian and Ukrainian. Mostly French and Persian at the moment though. Each of the listed languages leads to posts in that language (if there are any).

I record two podcasts - Зоопарк and Languages. The old casts I was recording at some point were Utan, Breaking news/На горяченькое and Czech News Today.

You can email me at or call me on +420 73 58 37 555.

Find me on Twitter, Facebook, VK, Instagram and Telegram. I am also on WhatsApp and Viber.

I try to answer all emails, calls and messages.

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Зоопарк #114

Привет! Сто четырнадцатый выпуск зоопарка. Говорю о домашнем рабочем месте, о богатом бомже и о новостях из чешской политики. Зоопарк 114 (картинка не моя, она отсюда) ... read more