Developer. Linguist. Nice fellow.

I am a dev and a languages enthusiast. I speak English, Russian, German, Czech, and Swedish — and I am on and off learning several other languages. Currently I am focusing on Icelandic.

I record two podcasts — Зоопарк and Languages. Neither of them has any specific agenda, but the former is in Russian, while the latter is in various languages, differing from episode to episode.

You can email me at or call me on +420 73 58 37 555.

Find me on Twitter, Facebook, VK, Instagram and Telegram. I am also on WhatsApp and Viber.

I try to answer all emails, calls and messages.

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Только что вернулся с мойки. Погодка, правда, не ахти, но что ж поделать, я туда ездил в основном ради чистки интерьера — и остался крайне доволен. Почистили ... read more