Columns UI in Foobar

Here's what my Foobar interface looks like now: I had a "Music" folder somewhere on disk C:/ with music files divided into categories inside: And I wanted a filter column that would reflect that folder structure, as can be seen on the first screenshot: I couldn't find the

Deep Purple

Deep Purple have released a new album, inFinite. Sounds awesome, insta-added do my wishlist. Still, somehow, my fav.album is (don't tell anyone) Bananas. And I especially love their song "Picture Of Innocence":

Russian Music Masterpost

So this langblr, languagemoon posted a Russian Music Masterpost which I, as a native Russian, find more than awful. All it contains — apart from a few rock bands — is the awful, braindead Russian pop. IMHO — of course. Now, I promised to compile a better list – and here it is. I


I have recently started a langblr Tumblr, but as I am lazy I thought I'd just update it from my blog. And thus it started - now there are IFTTT applets for autocrossposting to Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. I'd add Instagram and VK, but they aren't updateable via IFTTT. And