In case you were wondering, here's what I wish for.



  • Moleskine or another interesting notebook
  • A lifetime supply of (preferrably) black Parker ink cartriges
  • A good quality fountain pen (doesn't have to be a Parker)

Kitchen Stuff

  • A manual coffee grinder
  • A manual meat grinder
  • A frying pan for pancakes


Other Electronics


  • Skateboard grip with an interesting design/transparent/colourful
  • A backpack with a 17" laptop pocket and skateboard straps
  • Bearings

Virtual Gifts

  • Russian iTunes Store credit. I use it to buy music and my wishlist there is never empty.
  • Online language course. I don't have time for an irl course, so any online form will do. I'm currently most interested in learning Icelandic, French and Persian.


  • Pick punch (I like the large rounded triangle pick shape)
  • A selfie stick
  • Good music. Preferably via iTunes Store, but CDs will do too