Most wanted


The one gift that is always welcome, as there's always stuff I can and want to buy, but don't have enough money saved up.


Board Games

Gonna play those with my kids, so I prefer localized, Russian versions.


  • Any BuJo supplies: moshi tapes, stickers, pens, pencils, etc.
  • Instant camera, something like this one or a pocket photo printer — and a pack (or a few packs) of photo paper to go with it.
  • A lifetime supply of (preferrably) black fountain pen ink cartriges from Kasumi shop

Home Stuff

  • A copper or cast iron frying pan for pancakes
  • A handheld vacuum, preferrably something from Black+Decker


  • Goat Mug (either brown, marsala or hemp)
  • A manual coffee grinder

Most wanted, but possibly too expensive


Second place


  • Николай Никулин, "Воспоминания о войне"
  • Леонид Рабичев, "Война все спишет"
  • Jesse Andrews, "Munmun"
  • Красивое издание "12 стульев" или "Золотого телёнка"


  • Moleskine or any other interesting notebook



  • Coffee spices.
  • Coffee spoon, something like this.
  • An airtight container for ground coffee.
  • A good cezve.


  • Skateboard grip with an interesting design/transparent/colourful.
  • Bearings.


  • Pick punch (I like the large rounded triangle pick shape)
  • Good music. Preferably via iTunes Store, but CDs will do too.
  • Good board games.

Virtual Gifts

  • Russian iTunes Store credit. I use it to buy music and my wishlist there is never empty.
  • Online language course. I don't have time for an irl course, so any online form will do. I'm currently most interested in learning Icelandic, French and Persian.

Already received/Not needed anymore